Peer-reviewed publications

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Working papers

“Clustered into control: Heterogeneous causal impacts of water infrastructure failure” (with Jacob LaRiviere and Brandon Cunningham) [RFF Discussion Paper 16-33]

> Current draft [version: 2/6/18]

> Under review

“Notching for free: Do cyclists reveal the value of time? (with Brandon Cunningham) [RFF Working Paper 17-17]

> Current draft [version: 11/10/17]

> Under review

“The effects of climate on leisure demand: Evidence from North America” (with Nathan Chan) [RFF Working Paper 17-20]

> Current draft [version: 4/24/18]

> RFF Blog Post: “How will climate change affect outdoor recreation?”

> RFF Podcast: “Could Outdoor Recreation Benefit from Climate Change? A Podcast with Casey Wichman”

> Under review

“Valuing nonmarket impacts of climate change: From reduced form to welfare” (with Nathan Chan) [RFF Working Paper 18-06]

“Elasticities and the inverse hyperbolic sine transformation” (with Marc F. Bellemare)

> Current draft [version: 9/27/18]

“Water affordability in the United States” (with Diego Cardoso) [Email for a copy]

Research in progress

“The roles of price and persuasion on consumer behavior,” (with Danny Brent)

“Learning to lease: Understanding information asymmetry in natural gas leasing,” (with Brandon Cunningham and Chuck Mason)

“A history of water resources research at Resources for the Future,” (with Derek C. Wietelman)

“Household behavioral responses to weather: Evidence from high-frequency thermostat data,” (with Joshua Blonz, Karen Palmer, Andrew Royal, and Margaret Walls)

“Becker versus the behavioralist: Using targeted messages to promote compliance with outdoor water restrictions,” (with Michael Price, Klaus Moeltner, Anita Castledine, and Shawn Stoddard)

Other publications

“Overcrowding in national parks: Seeing the forest for the trees with better data,”  Resources, No. 199, Fall 2018. (with Margaret Walls and Kevin Ankney)

“The strategic costs of carbon emissions: Global versus domestic policy considerations,” Resources, No. 195, Fall 2017.

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